Portable Air Conditioner – why is it worth buying NEO Tools products?

A portable air conditioner is a great alternative to traditional air conditioning. Portable, inexpensive and easy to assemble, it will cool any room.

Portable air conditioners from NEO Tools – portable, efficient and functional

The installation of a traditional air-conditioning system in usable rooms not only requires renovation, but also a considerable financial outlay. Modernisation in buildings where this type of solution has not been provided often means extensive interference with the structure and other installations.

An alternative to time-consuming and expensive retrofitting are NEO Tools portable air conditioners, i.e. small units powered from a standard 230 V socket, in which the warm air extracted from the room is exhausted to the outside through a pipe attached to the window collar.

What are the advantages of a NEO Tools Portable Air Conditioner?

Compared to a standard air-conditioning system, a portable air-conditioner offers a number of advantages:

The assembly of the NEO Tools portable air conditioner is really easy. It only requires placing the air conditioner at a suitable distance from the window and installing the sealing collar on the window, connecting the unit pipe and the collar and plugging the air conditioner into an electrical socket.

What does the complete mobile air conditioning set from NEO Tools consist of?

If you decide to buy a NEO Tools air conditioner, the only thing you need is an inexpensive seal for the window frame and sash. The sealing set includes:

The collar is made of light transmitting, waterproof and thermo-insulating microfibre reflecting UV radiation. Its dimensions allow it to be placed in any typical tilt and turn window, including roof windows. Zipper installed in the collar enables the placement of the heat discharge pipe from the air conditioner on one side, and on the other side, when fully opened, it enables ventilation of the room.

NEO Tools’ experts designed this component to allow the window to be closed when the air conditioner is not in use, and to ensure that no marks are left on the window frames when the collar is removed.

The Floor Stand Air Conditioner from NEO Tools – benefits of the solution

NEO Tools offers its Customers two units that differ in performance. The smaller one is perfect for rooms of up to 26m2, while the larger one will successfully cool interiors of up to 35m2.

Both air conditioners feature good technical parameters, are quiet and efficient in terms of electricity consumption. NEO Tools uses the environmentally friendly refrigerant R290.

In addition to the cooling function, the units can also operate as fans and dehumidifiers. The NEO Tools specialists have not only considered the technical side of the units, but also their design and functionality. The room air conditioners 90 135 and 90 136 are stylish and made of high-quality materials with attention to detail.

The NEO Tools Portable Air Conditioner’s advantages include its ease of operation. The user can use the built-in panel or remote control, as preferred. The units are designed to provide the customer with a number of useful functions such as:

Both models of NEO Tools air conditioners are equipped with wheels for easy movement between rooms.