People. Development. Technology – 30 years of the Topex Group

This year Topex Group celebrates 30 years of existence. For three decades the company has been developing by improving the range of the products and services in the offer, and expanding the activity to other markets. Today we are the leading player on the tool market in Poland and one of the strongest suppliers in the East-Central Europe.

Topex Group was founded in the beginning of the ’90s. The company mission is to make life easier to all the people who use tools – professionals and home users alike. Determination and commitment of the whole team made the Topex Group tools popular in Poland, and they dynamically gain presence on the foreign markets. Mutual trust that we have successfully built inside and outside of the organisation, with the consumers and trade partners of the brand, has led to creation of the strong company with complex distribution channels. Over the last 30 years the company has been continuously expanding its brands’ range to reply to the needs of various groups of consumers. In the result, approximately 7000 products were created under 6 tool brands. Currently Topex Group tools are available in 40 countries!

30 years is an impressive time span that deserves commemoration, and this year is of particular importance to Topex Group. We will be celebrating 30 years of our activity for the next 11 months with various actions on the market addressed to the consumers and our business partners. On 10 of January there was a special anniversary conference, when we expressed gratitude to our employees for huge work they provided to develop our company. It were these wonderful people who made it possible to create such dynamically acting company. The market is constantly developing, as we are with it. With the 30 years anniversary we wish all of us that this mutual development lasts as long as possible.

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