Our Code of Ethics obligates us to carry out our operations in compliance with the law as well as high ethical standards. Its aim is to protect our Employees and prevent any unethical behaviours.


Environmental protection – in our daily work we care for the environment, we follow applicable laws, we have implemented a waste segregation system and collect products for disposal, and we apply the best practices specified in ISO 14001:2004;

Occupational Health and Safety – all our Employees are obligated to observe Occupational Health and Safety rules; caring for the safety of our Employees, we provide them with means of personal protection and we hold training sessions in safe work;

Fair Treatment of Employees – all the Employees of Grupa Topex should be treated and treat others with due respect and in a fair manner; discrimination on grounds of personality or views is not allowed; any decisions relating to our Employees are to be made on the basis of substantive considerations: qualifications, experience, competence and performance;

Violence in the Workplace – workplace should be free from violence, mobbing and harassment on the part of subordinates, colleagues, managers and contractors; consequently, Grupa Topex Group does not tolerate the atmosphere of intimidation, aggression or humiliation, or any verbal, physical or visual harassment, nor do we tolerate any sexual harassment and mobbing in the workplace;

Conflict of Interest – the conflict of interest arises when an Employee, while performing their duties, can make decisions that threaten their impartiality and independence and have a direct or indirect impact on their economic or personal interests; Acceptance and Offering of Gifts – gifts, meals and events involving Customers, Suppliers and Partners are to be kept within reason, both in situations in which Grupa Topex is the initiator and the recipient of such courtesy.

Corruption – Grupa Topex does not tolerate any direct corruption by its Employees or indirect corruption by other entities with which we cooperate; also, partners, representatives, contractors, suppliers or entities controlled by Grupa Topex are prohibited to offer/receive material benefits;

Child Labour and Forced Labour – Grupa Topex does not tolerate the use of child labour or forced labour by the Company itself, any of its Suppliers, Customers or Partners;

Fair Competition – Grupa Topex was established and has been developing in the atmosphere of fair and open competition; consequently, we support the free market economy and we act in accordance with the Act on combating unfair competition; we do not conclude agreements the purpose or result of which is unfair elimination, restriction or other violation of competition on the relevant market;

Protection of Information – each and every Employee of Grupa Topex is obligated to be conscientious and precautious with respect to the protection of important and confidential corporate information, both in the workplace and beyond;

Social Media Communication – each and every Employee has the right to express their opinion in social media on topics related to Grupa Topex on the following conditions: stating that they are associated with Grupa Topex, informing that they express their own opinions, holding discussion in a cultured manner that respects others, providing true information, not discussing the competition, and not communicating any confidential information;

Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks – Grupa Topex does not utilise any patents, products, works or ideas without the consent of their owner or author; any concepts, processes and technologies developed by our Employees and subject to patents, copyrights or trademarks become the intellectual property of the Company or of our customers;

Use of Company's Property – our property is a limited asset; as such, and it should only be used for official purposes; the use of mobile phones, personal e-mails, or time spent online for personal purposes should be limited to a minimum.