Why choose GRAPHITE gas heaters?

Gas heating is one method of efficiently raising the temperature in larger spaces. Particularly in large-scale professional applications, it is important that the heat source not only generates adequate power and operates at a further range – it is also important what the appliance body is made of and how robust it will be under more demanding conditions.

Gas cooker design

The invention of gas heating is linked to the invention of the Bunsen burner. This type of device was already developed in the first half of the 19th century. It was based on a flame that heated the air nearby, which in turn then spread convectively – guaranteeing heat throughout the room.

Since then, this guiding principle of gas heating has often still been in place, although modern appliances have introduced a number of improvements and safety features that affect the comfort of the heaters. Increased efficiency and a wider scale of operation of this type of product are also not insignificant.

How does the heater work?

With the aid of a fan located at the rear of the unit, the air is moved – first through the combustion chamber, where it is immediately heated to a high temperature, and then to further parts of the heater. After the successful combustion process, which takes place in the open chamber designed for this purpose, the air is drawn in further by the fan and blown out of the unit.

In this way, it spreads through the room, offering a comfortable temperature.

Gas heaters and battery system Energy+

An example of the introduction of a modern take on heaters is the refinement of them to operate on a convenient battery system. The GRAPHITE brand is compatible with Energy+, an advanced method of powering tools with dedicated 18V lithium-ion batteries. The system offers a choice of capacities. There are 2 and 4 Ah batteries dedicated to the GRAPHITE brand of gas heaters (58G001, 58G004). The operating time on the batteries is up to 6 hours when using the higher capacity batteries.

Energy+ therefore eliminates the need for trailing and inconvenient cables or the need to search for sources of local power. Above and beyond this, it also offers robust chargers that will quickly and efficiently power the batteries in use. The Energy+ system connects perfectly to appliances that also run on fuel.

Assortment of gas heaters in the GRAPHITE brand

The GRAPHITE brand offers two heater models, differing in the power generated – and thus also in the application:

Both units are characterised by a propane/butane gas supply. They have safety features in the form of a function that protects the heater from overheating or fuel leakage. The higher-powered model offers airflows of up to 500 m³ per hour, while the 15 kW model offers 320 m³ per hour. A pressure regulator and a 1.5 m hose are included with the units.

Where is the use of gas heaters recommended?

Due to the wide operating range and long reach of the heaters, they are recommended for use especially in rooms with large surface areas, such as halls or warehouses. They will also be invaluable on construction sites or in renovated interiors that require higher temperatures. Gas heaters are renowned for their efficiency, thanks to their high outlet air temperatures, which can reach from 60 to even 300 °C, depending on the specific unit. They can heat rooms with large volumes in a short period of time, saving time and fuel.

Gas consumption of heaters

Heater models 58GE100 and 58GE101 are distinguished by their low gas consumption per hour. They require a propane-butane fuel type for their operation. The units operate at a gas supply pressure of 0.7 bar. The 15 kW ones consume 1.09 kg/h and the 30 kW ones 2.18 kg/h. This is an economical result that allows large rooms to be heated at low cost, even for long periods of time.

Protection class IP24

The IP classification relates primarily to the determination of the degree of protection of electrical equipment against the ingress of hazardous elements, the penetration of foreign solids or harmful substances into its enclosure.

The IP24 protection class refers in detail to finger contact and the protection of the heaters from access to parts of the heater with a minimum diameter of 12.5 mm. It also prevents water from entering by splashing in from any direction.

Piezo ignition in heaters

GRAPHITE brand gas heaters are equipped with piezo ignition. In order for this type of heater to function, a lit standby flame, also known as a candle, is required. This is where Piezo is used, a simple device that produces an electric spark when a button is pressed. While the flame is ignited, the gas fitting button must be pressed and held down at the same time. This is a quick and effective way to start the heater.

Safety rules for the use of heaters

Gas heaters are safe appliances which, however, like all appliances, have certain recommendations for their responsible use. In the case of heating with fuel but without a flue for exhaust fumes, it is worth bearing in mind adequate ventilation. For this reason, heaters work well in large spaces where air is naturally exchanged periodically.

It is not advisable to sleep in rooms where this type of equipment is used. Heaters should be switched off when the interior where they are used is to be used as a bedroom. A properly functioning appliance emits only water vapour, carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, which are safe for users.

Equipment ready for operation

If you already own equipment with the Energy+ battery system, GRAPHITE brand heaters are ready to operate almost immediately after purchase, thanks to the accessory package on offer. All you need to operate them is a gas cylinder to power the device and a charged battery of your chosen capacity. GRAPHITE heaters are characterised by:

They will last for many seasons of successful use and will be useful where other types of heating equipment would not do.