Our power tools are under constant care - we offer up to 10 years of spare parts availability, so our users do not have to worry about any repairs, in addition we refute the myth that repairing a power tool may be unprofitable. We will verify the defect and select the appropriate parts, so you can be sure that your tool will last you a long time. You can do the repairs yourself or give them to our specialists.

In addition, you will receive a 6-month warranty for the service rendered.

GRAPHITE 10 LAT dostępności części zamiennych


You do not feel strong enough to repair damaged equipment yourself?

Are you afraid that the repair will outweigh the cost of the new device?

Check it out! Return the device for a free quote to GTX Service. If you accept the valuation, the power tool will be repaired by specialists, and you will receive up to 6 months warranty on the repair!


You can go to gtxservice.pl at any time and check the availability of spare parts and order them with a few clicks.

The GRAPHITE brand makes every effort to ensure that the user has access to spare parts of their power tools for 10 years from the moment of purchase.

* You can buy spare parts for GRAPHITE products at gtxservice.pl for a minimum of 10 years from their purchase. The gtxservice.pl store carries out at least 95% of orders per year.