The materials from which our power tools and accessories are made must meet all the tests that GRAPHITE products undergo. The closest to the workpiece, and therefore the most exposed to wear are accessories. That is why the building material they were made of determines their durability.

For the production of GRAPHITE accessories, we mainly use high-speed HSS steel, TCT steel or S2 steel alloy, which guarantee proper durability.

Some of the accessories are enriched with carbon steel, which improves their elasticity and prevents deformation under the influence of high temperatures, resulting in increasing their efficiency and durability. Many blades are further strengthened by hardening or diamond coating. Some of them have also been coated with titanium nitride, which increases tool slip in the workpiece.

Power tools also require high quality materials. Proper selection of gears and bearings, which should be neither too hard nor too soft, can be critical for durability of an entire mechanism. Shocks and unfavourable conditions, such as dust occurring during operation may also damage the equipment. Therefore, high quality plastics resistant to difficult conditions are used to manufacture GRAPHITE power tools. Such materials are used to extend life of a tool and to improve working comfort of a user.