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Selected products from NEO TOOLS, GRAPHITE, FEIN and BAILDON brands for industrial needs

Technology is changing the world. It makes us more efficient at tasks that were previously impossible. It allows for rapid development, improvement and better results. The industry offers actions on a larger scale, crossing barriers and convenience for millions of people in hundreds of countries.

Innovative brands for your business

In order to keep up with the constant changes and technological innovations – and thus, keep up the pace in developing your own business, it is good to surround yourself with brands that always have the highest quality products in their range.

NEO TOOLS, GRAPHITE, FEIN and BAILDON brands offer innovative tools, power tools and accessories that meet the expectations of the most demanding professionals. Robust, reliable, but also ergonomic and multitasking products are a guarantee of fast and precise work and employee satisfaction. To enable timely operations, adequate production speed or high efficiency – bet on the proven tools of the following brands.

NEO TOOLS brand for professionals

NEO TOOLS has for years been identified by users and experts in the tool, automotive or service industries as trustworthy. The products offered with the NEO logo are characterized by high quality, the best materials and compliance with modern technologies.

These are tools, but also parts or workwear, which are widely used in the industrial sphere. The NEO TOOLS brand, which brings together product specialists in various fields, also provides competitive parameters, functions and the way the equipment is made. NEO tools are designed for frequent and intensive use.

NEO TOOLS is a brand that: