NEO TOOLS brand clothing winner of the prestigious Good Design 2022 award!

In this year’s competition, the jury of the Institute of Industrial Design, organising the Good Design Competition, deliberated on the best-designed products and services available on the Polish market. These were divided into categories, one of which was Work and Office, in which both were nominated: Premium Work Blouse, 100% Cotton, Ripstop (81-217) and Premium Work Trousers, 100%, Ripstop (81-227).

On the day of the Laureates’ Announcement Gala, it was the Workwear Collection that proved to be second to none! It received the highest award, confirming its unrivalled quality and careful workmanship!

NEO in last year’s editions of the Good Design Competition

Over the past few years, NEO brand clothing has been recognised in previous editions of the prestigious Good Design competition. Both last year and two years ago, selected collections of workwear made it to the final event. Thus, the jury had already recognised the potential of the clothing, whose main task is to protect professionals and DIY enthusiasts in everyday tasks, as well as provide them with the necessary comfort during demanding, specialised work.

Dobry Wzór – the oldest design competition in Poland

Uninterruptedly for 29 years, i.e. since 1993, the Good Design Competition has brought together the greatest design professionals in our country. The awards are granted in 10 categories:

In 2022 alone, as many as 86 designs made it to the final! They can all be seen at the post-competition exhibition at the headquarters of the Institute of Industrial Design at the New Town Square in Warsaw from 17 November to 13 December 2022.

Products that take part in the Competition are pre-qualified and then subjected to a two-stage design assessment – by IWP experts and an international jury of renowned designers, representatives of institutions, associations or business institutions.

Justification of the Good Design 2022 jury’s decision

The reason why the jury considered the above NEO Brand Workwear Collection to be the best is due to several factors. The justification states that:

What else is worth knowing about the PREMIUM workwear collection by NEO?

PREMIUM work trousers, 100% cotton, ripstop 81-227 are offered in many sizes. Dedicated to all kinds of professional work, but also recommended for use by do-it-yourselfers. The ripstop fabric is responsible for the high durability of the trousers, i.e. the fabric is reinforced with a special nylon thread, which forms a mesh reinforcing the entire workwear.

They feature, among other things, additional sections of Cordura material, a detachable practical side pocket or reflective elements. The trousers have a waist circumference that adjusts by means of a convenient internal adjustment.

The PREMIUM work sweatshirt, 100% cotton, ripstop 81-217, on the other hand, is characterised by a unique technological construction, designed by the NEO brand’s clothing creation team. In addition to using the same hard-wearing ripstop material, the technologists focused on the sweatshirt’s unique functionality. It has detachable sleeves so it can be used as a practical sleeveless jacket, or when attached to trousers it becomes a multi-purpose suit.

The sweatshirt is also distinguished by solid zipped pockets, special tabs on the back or reflective or neon elements that affect the wearer’s safety.

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