NEO TOOLS Laboratory

Quality control and tool durability in accordance with European standards

NEO TOOLS Laboratory

Any product that is to be used for many seasons must undergo the appropriate tests to confirm its reliability and failure-free operation. NEO TOOLS brand, which particularly cares about customer satisfaction, has set itself the goal of offering durable and high-quality tools.

It is important that this rigorous and very careful verification contributes to greater comfort for professionals as they carry out their daily tasks.

The NEO TOOLS laboratory is a testing center with as many as 50 different specialized strength tests. Each test is supervised by a team of experts, and quality tests are based on European standards – significant in any major country specializing in industry.

What’s more, the quality management system used at the Laboratory is certified to one of the most important quality control regulations, ISO 9001:2015.

NEO TOOLS brand products are also tested in independent centers. For this reason, you can find reputable quality certificates on the packaging, such as:

On the brands YouTub channel you can see how tools are tested at the Laboratory NEO TOOLS.