NEO TOOLS Toolkits in new guises

Putting together tools yourself can be cumbersome. The lack of certain sizes, different types of handles or mismatches with toolboxes or cases makes it much easier to go for sets that have been prepared in advance by a team of specialists in the field.

The NEO TOOLS brand has just refreshed its range of tool kits! For greater convenience and for the sake of application, they have been categorised according to three types:


This type of set is proposed as basic tool equipment. Socket spanner sets in ¼”, 3/8″ or ½” attachment sizes are available in this category. Depending on the specific product, there is a choice of 20 to as many as 100 items within one set. Example sets:

MOTO BASE has one to a maximum of two sizes of ratchets to offer in a set. It can have varied accessories, such as 2 extensions in each size, additional knobs, long and short sockets and plug sockets. This type of set often also comes with practical bits. It is ideal for simple tasks on a car or motorbike.


An advanced tool proposal for professionals and specialists who not only have high demands on the tools they use, but also need them in a wider size range. Example sets:

MOTO EXPERT generally includes three sizes of ratchets in sets ( ½” + 3/8″ + ¼”) and a far greater number of accessories – a large set of bits, long sockets, short sockets, candle sockets, 2 extensions in each size, and additional knobs. In addition, it offers combination spanners and includes around 100 items in a case. Within this category, the NEO TOOLS brand has also prepared a special set.


The 82-part ECO 10-058 socket spanner set product is for the environmentally conscious user and has also been prepared with the environment in mind. It includes a set of two ratchets ½” and ¼”, equipped with up to 90 teeth! In addition, it has a ¼” swivel handle for sockets and bits, a set of ½”, ¼” and ½” spark plug sockets, socket bits, bits, open-end spanners and nine other accessories.

The MOTO EXPERT ECO set introduces new dual-material handles in a modern design. The HDPE case, on the other hand, is 100% recyclable. It has sturdy metal clasps for better protection of the contents. The set is packaged in a grey eco-friendly cardboard box, printed in two colours only.


This is the most comprehensive tool set that will come in handy for many repairs, maintenance or unexpected situations in the garage or workshop. The universal sets include 2 to 3 sizes of ratchets ( ½” + 3/8″ +1/4″), basic accessories and short sockets, a large number of bits and combination spanners. Their equipment also provides for less standard tools in this type of set, such as a hammer, screwdrivers, pliers, adjustable spanner or testers.

A UNIVERSAL type set includes up to 300 items in a case that is convenient to use and store. Examples of sets:

What’s new in the NEO TOOLS toolkits?

The brand’s three new categories make it easier to choose tools and make more informed purchasing decisions. This is a nod to professionals and do-it-yourselfers, who often have little time to choose the accessories they need for their work but require reliable, high-quality tools.

Users will also be pleased to know that new handles have been introduced along with the categories. The specially designed and modelled handles lie even better in the hands, have indelible branding and non-slip properties.

The cases have been given reinforced corners and the fact that they are equipped with 90-tooth ratchets is a real breakthrough in the tool world!

Reach for the refreshed kits and get ready for even more precision!