Neo Tools UVC lamps – a perfect solution for disinfection against viruses, bacteria, and other microbes

Disinfection of spaces with UVC radiation is a perfect solution for easy, effortless sanitisation and removal of pathogenic microbes.

In its latest series of products, Neo Tools proposes two models of compact, highly aesthetic UVC lamps which look not unlike modern bed or table lamps. With the unique design, the UVC lamps go great with residential, hotel, and office interiors, although their sanitizing performance is also great for workshops or commercial back-end facilities. For disinfection of small areas, the small, portable battery UVC lamp is recommended.

UVC disinfection lamps – what is the operating principle?

UV type C radiation of light is an effective agent for killing harmful viruses, bacteria, moulds, mildew, and other microbes. The bactericidal action of UVC light is based on destruction of the genetic material of microbes. The electromagnetic waves of light 253.7 nm long generated by the UVC lamps from NEO Tools are absorbed by the nucleic acids of the exposed cells. The UVC radiation eliminates microbes by damaging their genetic structure or killing the organisms, depending on the applied radiation dose magnitude. The efficiency of UVC lamps in sterilisation of viruses, bacteria, and moulds has been proven by numerous tests.

When bactericidal UVC lamps are operated in the space to be disinfected, no humans, animals, or plants must be present, for UVC radiation is harmful to all living organisms. The Neo Tools UVC lamps feature a delayed exposure start feature for safe evacuation of the room after they are powered on. The UVC radiation emission starts 30 seconds after powering the lamp on.

Highly aesthetic and functional UVC lamps for space disinfection

The Topex Group offers UVC disinfection lamps for residential, workshop, office, and public interior spaces. The UVC lamps are excellent for sanitisation to remove germs from kitchens and bathrooms in private homes, as well as interior spaces of hotels, restaurants, office buildings, or workshops. They are also suitable for disinfection of smaller objects, like smartphones and laptops.

The Neo Tools UVC lamps require standard mains outlets as power sources and are available in two housing forms: black coated metal and white plastic. The Neo Tools lamps are provided with 38-watt UVC light sources and can sterilise interiors from 5 to 45 m2; the lamps can be operated with remote controls supplied which are included with the products. UVC radiation does not penetrate solid obstacles, like furniture or walls. The remote control is designed for safe operation of the UVC light through the closed doors of the room being disinfected.

The biocidal UVC lamps from the Topex Group feature a timer to set the radiation exposure time to 15, 30, or 45 minutes. An additional feature is ozone generation which boosts the biocidal effect with the sterilising action of ozone and removes bad odours.

Portable Neo Tools UVC lamp

The lineup of the disinfecting UVC lamps is complete with a portable UVC unit which is perfect for sterilising of small rooms, motor vehicle cabins, cabinets, cubicles, and small objects, like smartphones, laptops, or shoes.

The portable UVC lamp is a low-power radiation source rated at 3.8 W with an effective exposure area of 3 m2. Not unlike its stationary counterparts, the portable UVC lamp features an exposure start delay and the maximum battery operating time is 30 minutes. The portable UVC lamp features an integrated battery pack charged with a 230 V USB adapter. The housing is made of white plastic.