Since the beginning of 2019, NEO TOOLS has been working with influencers from the automotive industry. They are people who create advisory and other video content at their own workshops; they are the ambassadors of extensive impact and large communities of fans.

One of those people is Michu, the host of the 'Miłośnicy 4 kółek' (Four Wheel Lovers) channel with more than 1,000,000 subscribers.

Cooperation with NEO primarily consists in the ambassador using our tools to perform various car repairs and presenting their application to the viewers in order to encourage them to buy the tools, i.e. recommending them.

Michu also prepares comparisons and tests of some tools and encourages the viewers to take advantage of promotional pricing.
In June 2019, there was also a meeting with the fans that the NEO brand had prepared at its new workshop facility, the NEO GARAGE.

Other ambassadors include Przemek Szafrański – the host of automotive programmes on TVN TURBO and his own Motosynteza themed channels on social networks.

He is a person with great authority in the industry and the owner of several car workshops; he uses NEO TOOLS both in his daily work and while preparing video guides or rally car designs.

There will be more of such actions. Thanks to them, the NEO brand will be gaining more and more true fans and ambassadors.