New workwear to revolutionise work in the workshop

If one were to consider for a moment what distinguishes a professional mechanic from an amateur mechanic, apart from experience, knowledge, intuition and a set of appropriate tools, one should also point to specialised work clothing. Properly tailored, designed and manufactured trousers, sweatshirts or T-shirts will make any task easier and guarantee comfort even for many hours of work.

This is why two brand new collections have been developed, which not only have functionality, high quality materials and innovative solutions in common – but have also been developed and tested by a team of professionals who themselves know best what they need in workwear. Does this mean that these clothes are dedicated exclusively to professionals?

Two collections – one idea

Both the MotoSynthesis and NEO Garage collections are product lines that have been prepared in a committed collaboration with Przemek Szafranski. They are characterised by the highest quality workmanship, attention to detail and pleasing aesthetics. Both collections are the result of long discussions with mechanics – listening to and responding to their current needs.

Although the collections are visually different – mainly due to the strong colour accent – in both cases the creators were guided by the idea of creating workwear that supports users in their daily work. Collections from mechanics for mechanics, but also hobbyists or amateurs. At the end of the day, everyone has the right to feel comfortable and convenient when doing their favourite activities.

What does the collection consist of?

Each collection contains a full set of garments, consisting of:

This makes it convenient to compose an entire set of workwear that, when worn together, looks uniform and prestigious. Thanks to its wide variety, it can also be worn at any time of the year. In summer, an airy MotoSynthesis t-shirt with long trousers will be suitable for work, protecting the skin from dirt or minor mechanical injuries. In winter, on the other hand, it is sufficient to wear a sweatshirt over the above as well, which, although it has good thermoregulatory properties, also protects against colder air.

What sets the MotoSynthesis and NEO Garage collections apart?

High durability is an obvious feature of the new collections. Suffice it to mention, among other things, the over-reinforcement in areas prone to abrasion, increased tear resistance or triple stitching on the legs. But what else makes these some of the most competitive garments of their kind on the market?

The work sweatshirt has multifunctional and roomy pockets (including for a large phone), but also adjustable sleeves with press studs that fit snugly around the wrists. The profiled elbows contribute to greater freedom of movement and the pleat covering the zip protects the bodywork from scratches.

The work trousers, on the other hand, are equipped with an elasticated waistband that guarantees a good fit without annoyingly digging into the skin. This model also has many roomy and practical pockets – including knee pad pockets.

Materials and fabrics used for the collection

The exceptional quality of the MotoSynthesis and NEO Garage collection is also influenced by the choice of materials, fabrics and weights used to make the workwear. Each piece was made from 100% cotton. In the case of trousers and a sweatshirt, a fabric weight of up to 210 g/m2 was used, while in the case of a t-shirt, a weight of 180 g/m2 was used.

The collection chose to use rip stop fabric – characterised by a tight weave, with an additional nylon thread to reinforce the structure. This technology minimises the risk of the fabric fraying or snapping, even after localised damage.

Waterproof polyester oxford fabric and single jersey cotton have also been used for the garments – ideal for t-shirts, which retain their properties for a long time while offering a high level of wearing comfort.

To whom are these collections dedicated?

The MotoSynteza collection as well as the NEO Garage collection, which was created in cooperation with Przemek Szafranski, are recommended both to professionals-mechanics, DIY enthusiasts and Sunday hobbyists who like to approach their work with seriousness. In any of the above cases, they will work perfectly as a gift – whether it’s for Boy’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, name days or Christmas. Available in a wide range of sizes and CE certified to EN ISO 13688:2013, they are a guarantee of satisfaction and usability for many seasons.