Przemek Szafranski talks about creating his own clothing collection

Przemek Szafranski talks about creating his own clothing collection

Topex Group: Two, new and also revolutionary workshop clothing collections have just been launched – NEO Garage and MotoSynthesis. You are particularly associated with the latter. How did the MotoSynthesis line of workwear come about in the first place and how did the idea for it come about?

Przemek Szafranski: How did the idea come about? The reason is very prosaic… for the high! 😀 MotoSynthesis is all about selling great! I personally designed this collection. I put a lot of effort into coming up with specific solutions that work well on many levels. At the end of the day, these are quality garments that are a reliable product. That’s why I can be sure that with customer satisfaction will come the highs too!

G.T.: What makes up this collection?

P.Sz.: The whole collection is actually a basic set of clothing for a mechanic. It includes sweatshirts, trousers, polos – but also t-shirts. This distinction comes from the fact that some people prefer to work in polo shirts. They are a more elegant choice, linked to a higher need for aesthetics. You can, for example, hold meetings with clients in between work in them. The T-shirt, on the other hand, is a more laid-back option, for someone who works in the channel – in grease and oils.

G.T.: If you had to recommend this collection to anyone in particular, who would it be?

P.Sz.: That’s an interesting point, because these clothes were designed with professionals in mind. So if you were to gift them to your dad, uncle, husband, lover, so that they could work in them in the backyard workshop – they would definitely be very happy. Clothing that is dedicated to professionals for heavy wear, like I mechanise every day and I know these clothes will work for me, would also definitely be a mega gift and mega pleasure to give to any hobbyist who rummages through cars in front of the block.

G.T.: What is important to you in the clothes you wear?

P.Sz.: I could say that the most important thing is comfort and convenience – but this is obvious and trivial. For me, the most important thing is that everything I dreamed of in this collection – e.g. slim sleeves, a large phone pocket, zippers, lettering, a covered main zipper so as not to scratch the cars – has managed to be included in these trousers and sweatshirts. Even the t-shirt and polo, which just wear pleasantly and I can wear them every day – to or from work, or for a walk with the dog, are also reasons to be happy.

G.T.: If the new MotoSynthesis collection were to be a car – which one would it be?

P.Sz.: With my Land Rover Discovery 3, which is a mega-practical, mega-utility car that looks great under an opera house, as well as a restaurant, off-road – and at the same time it’s a luggage carrier and a 7-seater bus; so really a very versatile car. I think this collection is exactly like him. As I said before – the clothes are both for the professional who works hard in the workshop, and for someone who, as a hobby and on Sundays, tinkers with something under the block in his car.

G.T.: In parallel with the MotoSynthesis collection, a collection of clothing signed with the NEO GARAGE logo was created. Do these collections have anything in common?

P.Sz.: Actually, there are collections that have everything in common. They are made of the same materials, consist of the same elements, have the same technological solutions applied. The only differences are in the colours and graphics on the t-shirts. So if someone is less comfortable with celadon with navy blue and black, and prefers a combination of these two colours with sharp oranges – they will have a simple decision to make.

G.T.: What is ultimately the most important thing for you in this collection? Are you sure it’s just the brass?

P.Sz.: For me, the most important thing will be if somewhere at the end someone says – gee, I’ve got it, I’m using it and I’m really happy and maybe this Szafranski guy had a pretty good idea to design it that way 😊That will be the luckiest thing for me. Because that high mentioned at the beginning was obviously in the form of a joke. This collection is all about each party having satisfaction through it.