Our brands received special distinctions in Consumer Laurel Competition 2021.

We are happy to announce that our brands GRAPHITE and VERTO received special distinctions in Customer Laurel 2021, a Polish nationwide competition. It shows that consumers appreciate our products, recognise our brands and trust our company.

Customer Laurel is one of the first and the most important consumer certificates in Poland. The aim of the competition is to notice, appreciate and award business entities that own the most popular product and service brands in the opinion of respondents.

GRAPHITE is a brand that has been characterised by consumer loyalty for years, which was reflected in the respondents’ votes in the Customer Laurel 2021 survey. It also means that GRAPHITE received the mark “Customer Laurel TOP Brand of 2021”.

VERTO was rebranded a few years ago and also wins the hearts of customers. It is evidenced by the elite title of “Customer Laurel Discovery of the Year 2021”, awarded on the basis of the respondents’ votes.